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Awesome Beat Boxing on the Champs Elysees!

This is the incredibly talented Dave Crowe and he is simply the master of Beat boxing. All watching this incredibly talented performer were absolutely amazed! +770

Pirates / Game of thrones

My performance playing Elton John public piano in St Pancras station … over 4.6 million of views Just add my page Facebook and my correct name “David’s Pianosound” : For the credit … thank u 00 Be the first to vote.

Multi talented ‘Mutefish’ performing live on Grafton St. Dublin, Ireland!

This is the wonderful multi talented ‘Mutefish’ playing for free on Grafton street, Dublin. The children were jumping all over the place, so was The Music Man! 00 Be the first to vote.

Gasper Nali

Music shows it’s culture, while music translates yours. This instrument sounds so unique (Kind of like a side chained bass). How Gasper Nali performs and travels with this instrument is truly amazing, but The Music Man is very happy he does! +540

The Awesome ‘Cry One Man Band’

This is the fantastic ‘Cry One Man Band’ playing for free on the streets of Trieste! The Music Man’s not sure just how many instruments this outstanding and talented artiste is playing at the same time! Very impressive! 00 Be the first to vote.

Two really talented boys playing Flamenco in Spain.

Have seen these lad’s several times playing in Barcelona. Great street artistes. Every time I saw them people gathered and only left when they finished. +20

‘Talented Hungarian Glass Musician’

Seen on the streets of Budapest, Hungary, showing the skills of this very talented street artiste playing glasses of water! +650


Clanadonia are a Drums & Pipes band with a big, big difference. Their passion for their music embraces their culture, their history, their people and their ancestral bloodlines are all bonded within their wonderful music –  if you’re looking for the authentic tribal sound of Scotland then look no further you’ve found the right band.  […]