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Higher Calling

Chris Duckett Loop Artist spreading Love on the streets 00 Be the first to vote.

Bruce Neil Paradise City

Viral video of Bruce Neil playing a percussive version of paradise city. Shared by the band themselves +10

Bob Marley One Love loopArtist

Bob marley One Love live loop cover on handpan electric guitar with vocals and beatbox 00 Be the first to vote.

6 songs in 1

mixing 6 songs in 1 in the streets of Beautifull Heidelberg! watch to the end! +360


Wintergatan are without any shadow of a doubt an unbelievably talented Swedish Folk band. Their Marble Machine invention which is made out of wood is both incredible and ingenious. The Music Man couldn’t believe his eyes or ears when he first saw and heard it. Quite remarkable! It was hoped that it would take around […]

Peterborough busker

Alkaline trio covered by a unknown busker with an AMAZING voice. Can anyone tell me his name plz??? +30

Mariusz Goli

Mariusz Goli is simply a wonderful and outstanding guitarist. We here at The Music Man absolutely love his talent. He was born in Poznan, Poland and he is a without doubt a superb busker/street artist. Mariusz can often be seen performing in Katowice as well in other Polish cities. Many of us cannot understand why […]

Subway acoustics and dancing!

This guy Damiyr starts singing beautifully in a subway then along comes Brandon Gray to start off an acoustic dancing subway scene which no one expected. Pretty cool thing to see on your way home from work! 00 Be the first to vote.

Mark Gofney no arms so plays the guitar beautifully with his feet!

Great vocals and instrumentals from this remarkable man. By passers couldn’t believe their eyes. well done Mark and inspiration to us all! +10