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Higher Calling

Chris Duckett Loop Artist spreading Love on the streets 00 Be the first to vote.

Bruce Neil Paradise City

Viral video of Bruce Neil playing a percussive version of paradise city. Shared by the band themselves +10

The Brilliant Fuman Musicólogo

This is the incredible Fuman Musicólogo from Spain entertaining/mesmirising people on the streets! The amount of time,effort and skill that goes into this is simply breathtaking. 00 Be the first to vote.

Nelly the sliding busker

BEST GUITAR PLAYING I’VE SEEN IN AGES! How is this guy on the streets playing this good? The talent this man has is wonderful I really wish him the best! Help him out music man! 00 Be the first to vote.

Amazing SUBWAY Performance!

A really touching performance seen on the Subway. You’ll realy enjoy this. Great talent! +20

Alan Cooper (fiddle) & Simon Newcombe (guitar)

These two lads Alan Cooper (fiddle) & Simon Newcombe (guitar) busking in Hay on Wye, UK.  Should be on the London Palladium or the O2 but here they are playing Brilliant haunting music for free on our streets! Great! 00 Be the first to vote.

Miguel Montalban

This Guy’s Definitely NOT in Dire Straits! This is the very talented Miguel Montalban from Santiago de Chile BRILLIANTLY playing ‘Sultans of Swing’ in Oxford Circus, London, UK. This is a short version. For the full video & much, much more go to:…/sultans-swing-sensational-st…/ 00 Be the first to vote.

6 songs in 1

mixing 6 songs in 1 in the streets of Beautifull Heidelberg! watch to the end! +360