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‘Brilliant Bucket Drumming’

This young man is something else! Just think what he could do with a real set of drums. Absolutely brilliant! Captured on the streetsof Vegas! This young lad is very talented! 00 Be the first to vote.


Clanadonia are a Drums & Pipes band with a big, big difference. Their passion for their music embraces their culture, their history, their people and their ancestral bloodlines are all bonded within their wonderful music –  if you’re looking for the authentic tribal sound of Scotland then look no further you’ve found the right band.  […]

‘Electric Mad Dancer’

Electric dancing from this man. Body popping mixed with time warping. If I’m honest, I’m not sure what this is, but it’s jaw dropping cool. +200

‘Lucky Chops’

Great band who have been touring the world recently. After seeing them in this subway playing amazing music I can see why.. +20

‘Talented Hungarian Glass Musician’

Seen on the streets of Budapest, Hungary, showing the skills of this very talented street artiste playing glasses of water! +650

‘The Swamp Drivers’ Harley Davidson Guitar.

The Swamp Drivers are absolutely unique. Seeing is believing! They are Four very talented and dedicated Professional musicians with Redneck ingenuity that produce absolutely wonderful high energy powerful music with incredible instruments. You’ll see nothing like this in the USA, UK, Europe or anywhere else for that matter! Here is Terry (Mojo) Johnson playing a […]


Wintergatan are without any shadow of a doubt an unbelievably talented Swedish Folk band. Their Marble Machine invention which is made out of wood is both incredible and ingenious. The Music Man couldn’t believe his eyes or ears when he first saw and heard it. Quite remarkable! It was hoped that it would take around […]

6 songs in 1

mixing 6 songs in 1 in the streets of Beautifull Heidelberg! watch to the end! +360

A great afternoon of music by on Stockholm’s streets!

Saw this video and had to share. Really great playing of the ‘Cimbalom’. by a Romanian musician named Gheorghe! +10

A Trad tune on the Great Wall

Irish party band Acting The Maggot from the Netherlands plays a great tune on the Great Wall of China. Streams of Whiskey. Includes a special Chinese dance by a young lady. What a strange but awesome combination! 00 Be the first to vote.