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Zelda Thème (Piano) – Matthieu

Voici ma première au piano, du thème de The Legend of Zelda. 🙂 00 Be the first to vote.

Yuri&Neil – Saved my Soul

Crazy german musicians performing their own song in front of New York’s top sights featuring a dancing mini mouse, a police car and a lot of irritated tourists. good times! 00 Be the first to vote.

Experimental irish flute

Experimenting with different sounds times and styles on a traditional Irish flute +10

Rod Stewart at Piccadilly

Rod Stewart doing some busking at Piccadilly Circus! Would have been amazing to be there I love this mans music and these people got a free live concert 🙁 00 Be the first to vote.

Amazing Handpan Duo

“Yatao” is an upcoming handpan duo from berlin. this video was shot deep in the forest, bringing some uplifting and light sounds into the autumn! Eyes shut. Soul Alive 00 Be the first to vote.

Finnegan Tui – Live improvized

Finn plays an origional song- Monopoly live and throws in some improvization. +20

Voodoo child cover. Hendrix

I’m a 18 year old guitarist from New Zealand I’ve been playing for 2 years now here’s my version of Jimi Hendrix’s Voodoo Child check it out on fb https://www.facebook.com/ben.yates.7967/posts/1498952296854350 00 Be the first to vote.

Insane beat boxing

Saw this on facebook and I really want to find out who this is!? If anyone knows the lads name can you please comment it, I want to watch more of his videos this is brilliant 00 Be the first to vote.

Pipe music

Check out Snubby J who built a homemade instrument from “PVC Pipe” which he calls the “RimbaTubes”. Why? Because they sound awesome! Snubby J says: “In my free time, I love to make cool music and fun videos and put the results on YouTube.” Check out his youtube for more medleys and covers played live […]

Drifting (Andy McKee Cover)

I love this instrumental cover from Andy McKee! Percussion and finger tapping on a Ukulele. Got to love the Tshirt too! 00 Be the first to vote.