Are Those Irish Kids Next U2

video of my son and his band mates from Frank Kearns Rockschool in Dublin. its about a young girl friend facing up to a serious problem. Have a listen to my 13 yr old son Dylan and his band mates from Frank Kearns Rockschool in North Dublin. they wrote this song for a young girl […]

Fingers Mitchell Cullen l

Fingers Mitchell Cullen live at Ozora festival!!! +30

Flute Composition

I’m a traditional irish flute player but have always loved to experiment with music. These 2 tunes I composed myself would be very different to the normal traditional irish style. 00 Be the first to vote.

Higher Calling

Chris Duckett Loop Artist spreading Love on the streets 00 Be the first to vote.

Peterborough busker

Alkaline trio covered by a unknown busker with an AMAZING voice. Can anyone tell me his name plz??? +30

Amazing Glass Music from Prague!

This is the very talented Petr Spatina. Brilliant entertainment for free on the streets of Prague. +830


These guys are known as ‘Acapella Soul’ UNBELIEVABLE vocals/harmonies playing for FREE. Why not TV? REAL TALENT! For more go to their Facebook page……bit.ly/2rG4IYO Thanks to Canal do FiDi Black for the video…….bit.ly/2r5d2mh 00 Be the first to vote.

Dave Savage

This is Dave Savage from Manchester UK and he plays two guitars at the same time! He’s not on our TV, he’s not even on our streets…….why! Totally baffles The Music Man! Come on Dave, get out there, show them what you can do! +10