Davide Swarup Solo at More Vnutri

Moscow July 2016. This is the incredibly talented Davide Swarup playing the ‘Hand Pan’. Peaceful, tranquil and simply brilliant. What a talent! +80

Amazing SUBWAY Performance!

A really touching performance seen on the Subway. You’ll realy enjoy this. Great talent! +20

Brilliant improvisation at a Paris train station.

This is without doubt a wonderful moment in time. Two total strangers playing the piano so wonderfully well. Those fortunate enough to witness this witnessed something very special indeed. Absolutely brilliant! +70

Public train sings Somewhere Over The Rainbow

“Got some lyrics to hand out”. Just shows how music brings peace and happiness. I’m glad there are people on this earth with the confidence to create such a beautiful scene and for the public. Wish this would happen on my commute! +20

Subway acoustics and dancing!

This guy Damiyr starts singing beautifully in a subway then along comes Brandon Gray to start off an acoustic dancing subway scene which no one expected. Pretty cool thing to see on your way home from work! 00 Be the first to vote.

Pipe Guy – House/Trance/Techno Live

Brilliant performance by this guy. Seen him many times. Thought the music man would really like this! +20

Artis The Spoonman

This guy is a great talent! Some people think that playing the spoons isn’t music. They’re wrong. Certainly the Seattle Philharmonic agree with me as did everybody fortunate enough to be watching! +10
Man in the mirror cover

Man in the mirror cover

Busker Mathew Fearon covers Michael Jackson’s Man in the mirror. Both guitar playing and singing is outstanding. I personally really enjoyed this buskers cover and thought the music man might like it too… 00 Be the first to vote.

Nelly the sliding busker

BEST GUITAR PLAYING I’VE SEEN IN AGES! How is this guy on the streets playing this good? The talent this man has is wonderful I really wish him the best! Help him out music man! 00 Be the first to vote.

Homeless Man Plays the Piano

A homeless man sat and played the piano beautifully and flawlessly. Bystanders were amazed. +70