An Danzza – From The Afterlife

An Danzza playing “From the afterlife” live rehearsal recorded in
Monte de El Pardo (Madrid) 15 June 2018
Music: Andrés Campuzano
Lyrics: Haydée Mariñoso

– Andrés Campuzano: Bouzouki / Guitars
– Haydée Mariñoso: Lead Voice / Tambourine / Rain Stick / Fingercymbals / Chajchas
– Jaime Sanz: Oboe / Keyboards / Choirs
– Octavio Molano: Bagpipe / Midi Bagpipe / Low Wistle / Baroque Flute / Choirs
– Samuel Diaz (Samdanzza): Darbuka / Toms / Pandero Cuadrado / Cajón / Cymbals, / Cabasa / Other Percussion
– Miguel Fernández: Violin / Bass / Guitar / Choirs

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Produced and Edited by Andrés Campuzano
Zoom H5 Handy Recorder + T.bone EM 800 + Nikon P900
Steinberg Cubase 8, Waves Plugins, Sony Vegas Pro 13, Hurdy Gurdy Era Medieval Legends II (Eduardo Tarilonte)

Lyrics (Haydée Mariñoso)

The wind brings voices (ah)
telling an old and sad tale (ah)
about the most lovely lady
she was the perfect wife
always decent, always polite
a doll in the wrong hands
she burns (inside)
she calls (his name)
Some furtive sights in the night (ah)
When she met that other man
Her world changed at all
Condemned to a life without love
she chose to love him from the afterlife
she burns (inside)
she calls (his name)
Broken by time, eaten by pain (ah)
Shattered by a broken heart
There was no way
Trapped by a senseless life
The dark looked like light
There is still a dark tower
It’s said the place is cursed
Since that lady jumped from the top
She still whispers his name
she burns (inside)
she calls (his name)
(Shattered by a broken heart
There was no way
Trapped by a senseless life
The dark looked light)

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