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Thomas Leeb – Comfortably Numb

Stunning acoustic version of Pink Floyd’s comfortably numb. Was searching for guitar head stock camera mounts and found this gem. +170


Wintergatan are without any shadow of a doubt an unbelievably talented Swedish Folk band. Their Marble Machine invention which is made out of wood is both incredible and ingenious. The Music Man couldn’t believe his eyes or ears when he first saw and heard it. Quite remarkable! It was hoped that it would take around […]

Now THAT’S Mission Impossible!

NO backing tracks, NO drum machines, NO loops! IT’S LIVE! One-man orchestra, “Si the Skweez”, demonstrates the original “Mission: Impossible” theme performed with multi-orchestration completely LIVE! using a Roland FR-8x V-Accordion. More videos here: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLiIRB9LgPvASdiVnKqmGBClrY5SbPVCZO +10

Katy Adelson

This is Katy Adleson and she love to playing the violin. She loves sharing her arrangements and original music, and she hopes that it will inspire others to play and create new music! She started to play the violin when she was 9 years old, and played consistently until she was 20.  After that, she […]

New Website

Reskinned our Website at Wood Zeppelin — www.WoodZeppelin.com 00 Be the first to vote.

Coldplay- Yellow (Live Street Cover) 2019

Live from the street, it is an exclusive video series by the Street Talent which features independent artists across the globe to showcase their fantastic talent and create their own identity by performing LIVE ON THE STREETS. We have a special cover for all the music fans out there straight from 2000 to your YouTube […]

Oded Kafri

Drummer Oded Kafri aka KAFRi is a solo Artist, a one-man party. He has taken his stage and street shows all over the world, playing some of the biggest festivals and clubs in many different territories. He takes his audience on a seamless and energetic journey, in which they can dance and marvel at his […]

There Goes The Neighborhood

Come visit the Wood Zeppelin official website at www.WoodZeppelin.com 00 Be the first to vote.

‘Electric Mad Dancer’

Electric dancing from this man. Body popping mixed with time warping. If I’m honest, I’m not sure what this is, but it’s jaw dropping cool. +200

SkyBlew – Flowers

A cover performance of “Flowers” (Nujabes) by SkyBlew and jazz band – Small House. Recorded live at Elon University, 00 Be the first to vote.