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6 songs in 1

mixing 6 songs in 1 in the streets of Beautifull Heidelberg! watch to the end! +360

Mutefish Street Music

The lucky people watching this day were in for a treat! It was amazing! Incredible talented Musicians on The Streets of Ireland! This is the inspiring Mutefish showcasing their own original song ‘SUPERNOVA’ on Grafton street in Dublin. A very special event! Hope you all enjoy! +680

Homeless Man Plays the Piano

A homeless man sat and played the piano beautifully and flawlessly. Bystanders were amazed. +70

Thomas Leeb – Comfortably Numb

Stunning acoustic version of Pink Floyd’s comfortably numb. Was searching for guitar head stock camera mounts and found this gem. +170

Awesome Beat Boxing on the Champs Elysees!

This is the incredibly talented Dave Crowe and he is simply the master of Beat boxing. All watching this incredibly talented performer were absolutely amazed! +770

Amazing Glass Music from Prague!

This is the very talented Petr Spatina. Brilliant entertainment for free on the streets of Prague. +830

Gordo Drummer

This wonderfully talented young man is Gordo Drummer from Australia and here he is playing on the streets of Tokyo, Japan. Even when he drops a stick…he keeps his cool! +50

Jack Broadbent

Playing the guitar flat on his lap in the streets, I love watching and listening to this man play! Without a doubt an extraordinary talent. Yes, should be World famous! +560

Mark White

This is Mark White playing the unusual Chapman Stick. Fantastic performance from a man and an instrument which many more people should know about. +770