Coldplay- Yellow (Live Street Cover) 2019

Live from the street, it is an exclusive video series by the Street Talent which features independent artists across the globe to showcase their fantastic talent and create their own identity by performing LIVE ON THE STREETS.

We have a special cover for all the music fans out there straight from 2000 to your YouTube screens.

Jodie Knight is a brilliant musician from Glasgow, Scotland who brings a super hit song Yellow for all the Coldplay lovers.

She is an aspiring musician who enjoys & loves to play music on the street for the people out there who really appreciate & value her marvelous talent.

Isn’t she just amazing when she’s singing the beautiful song Yellow from the band Coldplay?

You can hire, follow and even tip her on to support her in this wonderful journey.

Video & Sound Credits: Wesley Russell & Jack McGaughey

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The song is originally sung by the British rock band Coldplay.
The song was recorded in March 2000 and released in June that same year as the second single from Parachutes, following Shiver, and the lead single in the United States. “Yellow” reached number four in the UK Singles Chart, giving Coldplay their first top-five hit in the United Kingdom. Helped by heavy rotation and usage in promotions, the song thrust the band into popularity. “Yellow” has since been covered by various recording artists worldwide, and remains one of the band’s most popular songs.

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