Katy Adelson

This is Katy Adleson and she love to playing the violin. She loves sharing her arrangements and original music, and she hopes that it will inspire others to play and create new music!

She started to play the violin when she was 9 years old, and played consistently until she was 20.  After that, she decided to focus a lot more on her university studies, and put her violin away.  Time flew by, and before she knew it, she hadn’t really played in 5 years!  She remembered how much fun music was, so she decided to participate in a local Irish fiddle jam.  It sparked a small flame, and she started to play again!

She started to post her music arrangements on the Internet, and she discovered that producing music and creating videos is so much fun!  She’s now slowly navigating the world of music production — it’s a complicated world, but she’s learning a lot!

Some viewers have asked for her sheet music arrangements, backing tracks, and tutorials.  Her website was created to have many of those downloads available and organized in one location.

She hope you enjoy the music files, and thanks you for your support!

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