MetaQuorum – SWAGGER

WITCHCRAFT JAZZ – a 12 track double LP from ground-breaking international music project MetaQuorum, an upbeat ride through prog, rock, funk, fusion, electronica, acid jazz and more.

Creatively composed, with original scores, grooves and riffs infused with spontaneous improvisation and funk jams, fused into a seamless meld polished with state-of-the-art production techniques, and skilfully mastered at SugarHill Studios, Houston, to bring you an album full of cool swing, hot funk and spicy rhythm.

“It’s not simply this melting pot of cultures that gives MetaQuorum their inventive sound though; their music is a riot of styles – from prog, funk, jazz, rock and electronica – and diverse influences – from Mozart to Zappa, quantum physics and the wild open landscapes of the North Pennines – all coming together in a form Dmitry likes to call Meld.”
NARC February 22, 2018:

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