The Best Guitarist Is Just a Click Away (Live From The Street)

Live from the street, it is an exclusive video series by the Street Talent which features independent artists across the globe to showcase their fantastic talent and create their own identity by performing LIVE ON THE STREETS.

We are really excited to showcase a tremendously good talent or instead we should say the best guitarist from Fremantle, Australia.

Jere Sosa from Fremantle Australia is a complete & lit package when it comes to music.
He is a great guitarist, singer & songwriter who lives for music and loves to play for people around him.

This beautiful video is shot by Richard Glover and Jere is playing on none other than the super talented Led Zeppelin’s song.

Isn’t this the best guitar acoustic cover you’ve come across so far?

You can hire, follow and even tip him on to support him in this wonderful journey.

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What cover version would you like to listen next?

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