The Heard – Hats off

The Heard is based in Mountshannon, Co. Clare, Ireland. 

Almost all of the band are Mountshannon natives, apart from Lucy, who comes from Jersey, Channel Islands.

The band released their first single, ‘Hold the Knife’, in February 2018. The music video was filmed in Saint Caimin’s Church, Mountshannon, and its production was self-funded by the band. The Heard’s second single, ‘You and the Lion’, was filmed on Lough Derg on a musical raft. The raft helped to set a surreal setting for the music video, and the band members enjoyed the challenge of performing on such an unusual (and unstable!) stage. Their latest single is filmed in Winty’ Cottage, preparing us for Christmas. Even more music video’s coming soon!

As well as self-funding their projects, the band write, produce and promote all of their own music. This is what gives them the determination to take their songs to the next level, but most importantly, drives them to continue writing and performing.

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